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The International Trade & Development Division



ITD is unique among economics departments of the country in focusing on the global economy as its thrust area of research, encompassing issues of international development, trade, environment, finance, industry and technology. Faculty members are actively engaged in research in areas of their specific interest. Some of the major research areas are alphabetically listed below (with names of faculty):


        Economics of Development (Agarwal, Bansal, Ray, Singh)

        Environmental and Resource Economics (Agarwal, Bansal, Barua, Das, Mehra)

        Finance (Agarwal, Singh)

        Indian Economy (Agarwal, Barua, Das, Pant, Ray)

        Industry and Technology (Bansal, Barua, Das, Ray)

        International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment (Agarwal, Barua, Das, Pant, Ray)

        Macroeconomics: Macro Models, Stabilization, exchange rates (Agarwal)

        WTO and Globalization (Agarwal, Barua, Das, Mehra, Pant, Ray)


Faculty members of the division, in the recent years, have received research grants from the Ford Foundation, The World Bank, Department of Science and Technology (Government of India), Competition Commission (Government of India), State Bank of India.


Research Infrastructure


Applied Economics is crucially dependent on computing facilities. There is a computer lab in the Division used by our research students and students of M.A. for hands-on exercises as part of Applied Econometrics and other applied courses. The Division also has a small research library with a rich collection of handbooks, reference materials and important texts for ready reference.


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