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Welcome to the world of economics at EIL at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi! A fast-driven, action packed two years lie ahead of you. As usual, it has its thrills, its spills, its share of joys and problems but what stands out here is the zeal and earnestness with which students and teachers, alike, operate.
Enterprising professors; Intelligent and invigorating people and surroundings, and a Lively, student-friendly environment- that’s ‘EIL’ for you. There is little doubt that you will not emerge the same person that you were, once you journey through this experience. What we students learn here, is the ability to think; what we are made aware of, is our right to question the norms and what is instilled in us, is the urge to seek out answers, however radical and unorthodox they may seem. The final product at the end of two years is not the stereotype Masters student churned out of a machine-driven factory but instead, an independent, broadminded and well equipped individual who is able to think, analyze and assess issues.
Not only are professors of the department easily accessible but they also encourage initiative and drive. Weekly seminars provide us with an opportunity to meet and interact with economists, social scientists and people from other varied fields, each bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and new ideas. In the same platform, students get a chance to speak and give presentations on issues of national and international relevance thus honing their debating, analytical and presentation skills and doing their confidence a world of good.
An option at the end of first year of classes allows for students to be placed in industrial organizations or research institutes as summer trainees and gain valuable work experience.
Academically, the choice of subjects offered are many, ranging from Law and Economics, International Economic Institutions and a course on the Chinese economy to Natural Resource economics, a path breaking course on Corporate Finance or even Environmental economics. A major thrust area is the teaching of Econometrics and special emphasis is given to training in Forecasting Techniques. Global issues like Technology Generation and Transfer, the working of GATT/WTO, Transnational Corporations and Financial Flows and Management are stressed upon in addition to conventional Macro and Microeconomics.
An in-house departmental library accommodates most basic texts and references that students may require and the School itself houses a reading room, complete with national and international journals, newspapers, magazines and research papers. A computer room with Internet facilities is operational and its services will be expanded soon. Various meetings and get-togethers are often organized to celebrate certain national festivals or to welcome the Freshers and to bid farewell to seniors. This enables the students to plan and work together as a team and display their diverse talents, be it in singing, dancing, artwork or plain simple ingenuity in any field. Teachers are roped in as well and this makes for many a memorable occasion indeed!
As we head into the next century, we will be required to understand the implications of economic globalization, use sophisticated technology to solve emerging problems, and integrate our knowledge across multiple disciplines. We also need superior communication and teamwork skills to function effectively. The EIL department in JNU prepares students for this challenging future in a unique learning environment. It offers the opportunity, choices and environment students need to launch successful careers, including reputed scholars and experienced practitioners who bring real-world insights into the classroom. All in all, it is  a fabulous program and of which you would love to be a part of! Come and join us… 

Siddhartha(Sid) Bhattacharya

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