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Welcome to the web page of the International Trade and Development Division of the School of International Studies,Jawaharlal Nehru University. This  site is by no means complete, and never will be  given the fact that it is to be updated frequently. However, we will soon include photographs of JNU to give visitors to this site an idea of life in JNU as well  as the beauty of this place. For the time being, I am afraid you will have to be content with the information in the form of the written word.

But first things first! The 1998-2000 MA batch is barely in its 4th semester and they have already received  offers of admission to the Phd programmes with scholarships from prestigious universities in the US and UK, like MIT, Chicago, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Caltech, Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York University, Wisconsin at Madison, Ohio State University, State University of New York(Stony Brook) Iowa State University, USC, UC(Riverside), London School of Economics etc . And the offers keep rolling in. Read On...

The Division

The International Trade and Development Division, imprecisely called `ITD' by friends and foes alike, has been in existence for several decades, a little known fact  that surprises most people. Since it functioned as a part of the Indian School of International Studies, away from public glare and publicity unlike the Delhi School of Economics, and unlike the former did not have a M.A. programme, it was, as a consequence, not well known. However this lack of public awareness did not necessarily imply, that the department was moribund. Indeed very prominent economists, like the late Professor A.K. Dasgupta and Professor B.S. Minhas were at various times part of the department. Among those who visited the division were the Nobel Laureates Sir John Hicks and James Meade. Other prominent economists who have visited the department include Partha Sarathi Dasgupta.
While the department did not have a M.A. programme, it did have an excellent Ph.D programme. Indeed, several eminent economists, who got their Ph.Ds from the division joined the faculties of universities like Bombay University,Madras University, the Indian Institutes of Management at Ahmedabad and Bangalore, etc. Some also joined the government as advisors to various ministries,even representing India in international negotiations over important issues like Intellectual Property Rights etc. while others joined industry.  However public awareness about the activities of the department or even its existence remained low. When Jawaharlal Nehru University was in the process of being set up in the late sixties-early seventies, the Indian School of International Studies decided to merge with it. While the new university was to have an economics department of its own with its own M.A. programme, ITD was not part of it.  Almost two decades later when India embarked on its liberalisation programme, it became painfully obvious that much of economics that was being taught in universities and formed part of conventional wisdom in India was hopelessly out of date, if ever right at all. For instance, even economists opposed to Manmohan Singh's Reform programme conceded that the economic insularity and over-regulation that India had imposed upon herself had no justification even in theory and the results of such a policy had been, not surprisingly, to sap the the economy of its vitality. In this entirely changed milieu the need was felt for a programme that, among other things studied recent developments in economic theory, in the fields of macroeconomics,development economics and finance and in particular laid emphasis on India's increasing integration with the International Economy . This, in short is the genesis of the M.A. Economics(with specialisation in the world economy) programme.  We invite you to explore this site for any information that you may need by clicking on the links below. Should you have doubts, please don't hesitate to have them cleared by writing/e-mailing to me at at  the following e-mail address:dsg68@jnuniv.ernet.in

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