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The International Trade & Development Division



The ITD Division runs three programmes of study:

  • M.A. in Economics (with specialisation on World Economy)
  • M.Phil in International Trade and Development
  • Ph.D. in Economics



M.A. Economics (with specialisation on World Economy)


A new and unique Master’s programme in Economics was introduced by the Division in 1995. Keeping in mind the changing economic environment of India and its growing integration with the global economy, this new M.A. programme was designed with a clear emphasis on emerging global issues like trade, technology, environment, natural resources, currency and finance, which makes it unique and distinct from conventional MA programmes in economics offered elsewhere in India. The broad objectives of the M.A programme:

         To teach the latest developments in the principles of economics

         To teach applications of theories in analysing current economic problems

         To equip students with tools of econometrics for applied economic research

         To provide a first hand idea of how professional economists function in various government, semi-government and corporate organisations though the summer internship programme


Special emphasis is laid on developing the articulation skills of students. Many of the courses are evaluated on the basis of presentations in addition to written examinations. Besides, every student has to participate in a weekly departmental student seminar cum debate on issues of current economic interest.


The M.A. programme consists of ten core courses which include micro and macro theories, trade theory, international monetary economics, development economics, mathematical economics and statistics and econometrics. In addition, six optional papers are to be selected from amongst a wide range of courses including environmental economics, corporate finance, investment finance and economic policy, natural resources, technology, contemporary development of the world economy and of regions like the Asia-Pacific, international economic institutions, and advanced courses on trade theory, econometrics and mathematical economics. In lieu of an optional course, students may opt for a summer internship where they are placed with various research and business organizations. For detailed course descriptions, please click on to the Courses page below.


Student Profile


The Division is running one of the most successful and popular M.A. programmes in Economics in the country. The popularity of the programme is revealed by the increasing number of applications every year (800-1000 for 20 seats). Its success is evident from the placement of our students even within this short 9-year span of the existence of our MA programme. Many students opt for higher studies and research after completing their MA. MA's from the department have received offers from MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Caltech, Wisconsin, Rochester, Oxford and the London School of Economics, among other universities. Those entering the job market, got jobs in various reputed non-governmental and business organisations, like Exim Bank, GE Capital, TERI, Telco, CII, FICCI, ICRA, IIFT, Price Waterhouse, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, etc.



M.Phil in International Trade and Development


The M.Phil/Ph.D programme in International Trade and Development has been running for over four decades. Presently, the two-year M.Phil programme consists of 5 courses to be completed in the first year followed by a dissertation to be written in the second year. The courses are:

         Advanced Economic Theory

         Advanced Trade Theory

         Quantitative Methods in Economics

         Balance of Payments

         Seminar (Every student is required to present a paper on any aspect of economics. The paper could be either a critical survey of the literature or original theoretical or empirical research.)



Ph.D. in Economics


The Division runs an active Ph.D. Programme in Economics for full time as well as part time (professional) students. The department has produced about 10 Ph.D.s in the last three years. Presently, there are 10 students registered for and actively working towards their Ph.D.


Students who have completed their Ph.D from the Division are now established economists teaching at universities and colleges of repute in India and abroad (including JNU, Delhi School of Economics, Universities of Bombay and Chennai, IIM Bangalore and Ahmedabad, Copenhagen Business School) and occupying positions of great responsibility in the government (e.g., Ministries of Commerce and Finance, RBI) as well as in international organisations (e.g., UNIDO and The World Bank).