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The Economics Division of the Centre for Studies in Diplomacy, International Law & Economics (CSDILE) is popularly known as the International Trade & Development (ITD) Division. ITD (along with its parent Centre CSDILE) is one of the oldest departments of the erstwhile Indian School of International Studies, which integrated with the newly established Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in the early seventies as the School of International Studies (SIS).

The ITD division has been involved in the teaching of economics as well as research in the fields of International Trade and Economic Development for nearly half a century. The first head of the division was the renowned economist, the late Professor A.K. Dasgupta. He was succeeded by Professor Ashok Guha who has been the guiding force behind the division since 1963. Professor Guha continues to be associated with the teaching and research activities of the Centre. The list of former teachers includes B.S. Minhas, Subimal Mukherji, Partha Dasgupta and others. Stalwarts like John Hicks, James Meade and Robert Baldwin have visited the division to deliver lectures.

ITD is unique among economics departments in India in focusing on the global economy as its thrust area of research, encompassing issues of international development, trade, environment, finance, industry and technology. Some of the major research areas are:

         Economics of Development

         Environmental and Resource Economics


         Indian Economy

         Industry and Technology

         International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment


         WTO and Globalization

In addition to the long standing M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes run by the division, a new and unique M.A. programme in Economics (with specialization on World Economy) was introduced in 1995. Keeping in mind the changing economic environment of India and its growing integration with the global economy, this new M.A. programme was designed with a clear emphasis on emerging global issues like trade, technology, environment, natural resources, currency and finance, which makes it unique and distinct from conventional MA programmes in economics offered elsewhere in India. This is indeed one of the most successful and popular M.A. programmes in Economics in the country. The popularity of the programme is revealed by the increasing number of applications every year (800-1000 for 20 seats). Its success is evident from the placement of our students even within this short 9-year span of the existence of our MA programme. Many students opt for higher studies and research after completing their MA. MA's from the department have received offers from MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Caltech, Wisconsin, Rochester, Oxford and the London School of Economics, among other universities. Those entering the job market, got jobs in various reputed non-governmental and business organisations, like Exim Bank, GE Capital, TERI, Telco, CII, FICCI, ICRA, IIFT, Price Waterhouse, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, etc.

The division is run by a small but very distinguished team of faculty, educated at universities like Harvard, MIT, Oxford and other well known institutions. Many of them have worked at universities like UC Berkeley, UCLA, Oxford, Yale, UBC, UC Riverside, Iowa, etc and at international organizations like the World Bank, IMF and IFPRI. Faculty members of the division, in the recent years, have attracted research grants from the Ford Foundation, The World Bank, Department of Science and Technology (Government of India), Competition Commission (Government of India) and State Bank of India. They are invited by important national and international bodies (like Planning Commission, Ministry of Commerce, National Security Council, Competition Commission, IEG, ICRIER, Independent Commission on Development and Health in India, The World Bank etc.) for consultations and expert advice.


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